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We provide a list of different all available flight options and prices to your destination. From there, you can compare prices, times, different airlines and flight providors to find the most suitable flights to south africa.

Cheap flights to south africa

If you looking for an affordable flights to south africa? CheapNigeriaTravel is one of Nigeria’s best travel and flight aggregators, offering passengers the cheapest deals in and out of Nigeria. Below we list some ways you can get a cheap flight.

Cheapest Ticket Times

If you are looking for flights to south africa, try booking in advance. Prices tend to increase as one gets closer to your departure date. Plan and book in advance to save!

Furthermore, from March till July flights to south africa tend to be the cheapest. In some cases, fly here for less than 30% of the usual price, by signing up to our mailer you will be notified of all the flash deals and sales we have with all our travel and airlines partners.

November and January prices tend to spike, due to increased demand for flights over the end of year festive season. If possible, try to avoid booking during this period and try book your flights to south africa sooner than later.

Specials on Flights

Besides listing the standard options for flights to south africa, we also stay up to date with all specials, deals, and limited-time offers.

If an airline is offering a special for return flights, we will list this as an option. We also have a mailer that will notify you monthly of flight deals coming up. Never miss a chance to save!

Ultimately, this ensures we always provide you with the cheapest options and best deals for flights to south africa, no matter the limited-time sensitive specials available.

flights to south africa Tickets

Once you have decided on the cheapest suitable flights to south africa, you need to purchase your ticket. We allow you to download your tickets, one-way or return tickets, in the most suitable way. Download them to your local device or have them emailed to your default account.

Here at Cheap Nigeria Travel, we have scanned millions of one-way and round-trip itineraries around the world to find the cheapest deals and current specials for flights to south africa. You can see the best prices we are able to offer, as well as other suitable flights to south africa for comparison.

One-way Routes Prices

Cheap flight options are unavailable for this route (one-way or return).
Prices and availability are live and therefore reflect the real-time reality.

Return Routes Prices

Cheap flight options are unavailable for this route (one-way or return).
Prices and availability are live and therefore reflect the real-time reality.

Baggage Policy

All passengers (Business and leisure) must adhere to the baggage guidelines. Penalties will apply if your luggage does not meet these requirements.
More information about your flight’s specific baggage guidelines can be found on by contacting your airline.

Hand Luggage Policy

On flights to south africa, one is allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage beside your checked in baggage. The general rule is that your hand luggage can be no bigger than 54x42x24cm, and no heavier than 7kg.


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