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Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of lively Lagos? CheapNigeriaTravel has just the answer for you. Why not take a flight over the continent and relax on the welcoming shores of Mauritius? The gorgeous Indian Ocean island offers visitors a plethora of stunning views, pristine beaches and cultural experiences. Best of all, we have the low-down on the best affordable flights to the island. If you’re looking for paradise, we’ve got just the ticket!

About Mauritius


Mauritius is located just off the African coast and is lapped by the warm and colourful Indian Ocean. The Island is small but full of wonderful surprises.

  • CAPITAL CITY: Port Louis
  • LANGUAGE: English, French and Creole
  • CURRENCY: Mauritian Rupee
  • EXCHANGE RATE: 1 MUR = 10,54 NGN / 1 MUR = 0,029 USD

Flights to Mauritius


Best time to fly to Mauritius

Peak season in Mauritius is from May to November. This is when the weather is warm but not humid, and diving conditions are ideal.

Off-peak season, however, is still a good option. Although there can be sudden cyclones (very rarely), weather is generally not much different from high season. This is when you can expect cheaper flights, as well.

In search of an airline bargain? We’ve got you covered! We aim for high quality and low prices for all our clients. Some of our recommendations include booking well in advance when bookings are low. Shopping during airline sales is another good idea (we’ll alert you to these so keep checking our website). And, again, try to avoid high season.

CheapNigeriaTravel is happy to be of assistance to customers who have special requirements for their flights, whether that’s disability accommodation, a tight budget or anything in between. The search results about price and availability are all real-time.

Where to land in Mauritius


Port Louis

As the capital city, Port Louis is also home to the country’s foremost airport, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU). The airport offers all the modern conveniences, including car rentals, public transport and taxis to the city, free Wifi and a range of restaurants and lounges.

As Mauritius is such a small island, it is entirely possible to arrive at Sir Seewoosagur and take a direct taxi or bus to destinations besides Port Louis.

Airlines flying to Mauritius

There are a number of international airlines flying into Port Louis. Some of the big guns include Emirates, AirFrance, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM and Turkish Airlines. The national carrier is Air Mauritius. We’ll help you find the best deals!

Visas and Customs


Most European nationals, as well as Americans and South Africans, do not require any visas to enter the country. Nigerians can obtain a two week visa on arrival. Fortunately, unlike most top tourist destinations, Mauritius offers visas and extensions for free.

However, it’s best to check which countries qualify for which visa as some nationalities may need to apply ahead of arrival. If that is the case, you’ll need to go through an application process which is quite efficient.

Everyone entering Mauritius requires a valid passport, return airline tickets, accommodation bookings, sufficient funds and a formal pledge not to attempt to make any profit during your stay.

Most travellers find Sir Seewoosagur clean, modern and well-serviced. However, immigration officials are serious, but friendly, about the visa requirements and queues can stretch out. If there is something missing, there have been cases of officials assisting travellers to obtain the correct documents.

Baggage Policy

All passengers must adhere to the baggage guidelines and there are penalties for breaching these. Baggage policy is dependent on the airlines and they’ll generally inform their passengers ahead of time. The standard industry allowance is 7kg for hand luggage and 30kg to 45kg for checked luggage. Passengers can usually also bring a handbag or backpack that fits neatly under the seat in front of them. This is something we’ll happily answer any questions about.

Main attractions

From warm beaches to colourful sand dunes, Mauritius has a lot to offer visitors. Here’s our top five picks:

Le Morne


Tourists come to Le Morne for good reason. The village is quaint but behind it looms a peak that is covered not just in amazing foliage but poignant history, too. Le Morne Brabant, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was used as a hiding place by slave-escapees. With the dense greenery and stunning views of the island, it’s easy to imagine why the mountain made such a good refuge for the enslaved Mauritians in the past, as well as why people from around the world flock to Mauritius today.

Like all good Mauritian attractions, a beach is within easy distance but the coast of Le Morne also boasts an unusual optical illusion: looking out onto the Indian Ocean, there appears to be an underwater waterfall!

Pamplemousses/Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden


This cool haven in Pamplemousses, close to Port Louis, boasts numerous spectacular attractions. The most iconic, however, is the Giant Lily Pond. Large leaves float dreamily on the teal water, producing the beautiful white and pink lily itself. Other flora worth seeing include the Talipot Palms which can produce up to 200 000 flowers each!

Earth of Chamarel


Mauritius isn’t only about lush vegetation and sun-kissed beaches; it also boasts sand dunes of cooling volcanic rock! What’s so special about the Earth of Chamarel is that it comes in a stunning rainbow of colours! The park also boasts a heavenly waterfall that gushes down into the forest from 100m above. This is a place that guarantees to take your breath away and can really only be experienced in-person.

Ganga Talao


The Grand Bassin Lake in south-west of Mauritius is a must-visit. 19th century Hindu priest  Jhummon Giri Gossagne Nepal first saw the lake in a holy vision, in which it was revealed to him to be connected to the sacred Ganges River. Once he found the physical lake, it quickly became a pilgrimage site for Hindus around the world and is today one of the most important pilgrimage sites outside of India. The lake is surrounded by bright temples and gorgeous statues, including a 33m-high one of Lord Shiva!

Iles Aux Cerfs


Iles Aux Cerfs is a veritable jewel: opalescent sandy beaches, emerald surroundings and waters in inviting shades of turquoise. It’s a privately-owned resort but day visitors can also get a piece of this heaven. Taking in the amazing nature is the main attraction but there is also a host of sporty activities, culinary experiences and spa packages.

Healthy and Safety


Mauritius is a gorgeous, fuss-free destination. Malaria is not a problem on the island. Vaccines such as hepatitis A, tetanus and diphtheria are recommended for any traveller anywhere, especially in tropical countries.

Crime in Mauritius is very low, though there are typical instances of pickpocketing. Solo female travellers will attract attention, although it’s usually well-meaning. Women are expected to dress modestly (no swimwear beyond the beach or poolside, and shoulders, head and knees covered at sacred places). Homosexuality is also not widely accepted, although there is a vibrant gay community.

Cost of living


The cost of a Mauritian holiday varies according to traveller preferences but Mauritius needn’t be a bank-breaking holiday! There are plenty of free attractions, mostly in the lush natural vegetation – think blue, blue waters and tropical forests!

A sample of costs in Mauritius:

  • Cheap meal: 2247 NGN = 6,15 USD
  • McMeal at McDonald’s: 2009 NGN = 5, 50 USD
  • 1km taxi ride: 1057 NGN = 2,89 USD
  • 1 night in a double room, budget hotel: 8823 – 20 168 NGN = 24, 15 – 55 USD

It’s important to remember that negotiation is a must for taxi rides. Mauritian drivers, like their international counterparts, tend to overcharge tourists and neglect to use the meter so agree on a set fare ahead of time.

Don’t hold back on a Mauritian getaway from fear of cost; we’ve just proved that airfare isn’t the only thing you can get cheap on this trip!

Getting Around


Your flight into Mauritius is not the only journey you can get cheap. Although we don’t do bookings for local transport, we do have ideas on how to get around this paradise with minimum cost.

Mauritius’ roads are not great: there are few modern highways and most roads are very narrow. However, car rentals are popular with tourists as petrol is cheap and when there are road signs, they come in English.

The other option is to travel via bus. Buses run until 8pm in towns and until 6:30pm in the rural areas. While bus trips can take up a lot of time, they’re a great way to meet locals and see parts of the island you might not otherwise have seen. Try to go on express buses; they’re not only faster but have better air conditioning.



With a fascinating past, stunning beaches and lush vegetation, Mauritius is one of those tourist destinations that sells itself. Fortunately, here at CheapNigeriaTravel we’ve got amazing deals to help anyone land in this oceanic paradise!

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