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Ibadan is a pioneering city: the location of the first television station in Africa, the tallest building (at that time) and the first Nigerian university. The city’s been popular with everyone from the founding Yoruba people to the British colonialists and today’s government officials. With such powerful fans, we’re sure Ibadan will be a hit with you, too!

About Ibadan

Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State, situated in the south-west of Nigeria. It’s also Nigeria’s third largest city, with a population of more than 3 million people.

Igbo and Yoruba are the indigenous languages you’re most likely to hear on Ibadan’s streets, though English is also widely spoken.

Flights to Ibadan


The flight from Abuja to Ibadan is just one hour long.

Best time to fly to Ibadan

Ibadan has a surge of visitors in December, March and April. Peak season, though, comes with steep prices.

Bargains are most commonly found during January. The weather’s not bad, either. Another good time to bargain hunt is during summer, which runs from June through to August.

To drive prices even further down, book your flight as soon as possible.

Ibadan airport

Ibadan Airport (IBA) is the gateway to Ibadan. Although Ibadan is such a populous city, its airport is a very low-key affair.

The airport is about 30 minutes from the city centre of Ibadan. You’ll have no problem finding a taxi outside the airport.


ArikAir and Overland Airways both fly this route regularly.There’s no need to stress over choosing an airline; Cheap Nigeria Travel compares all available flights to bring you the cheapest deal.

Visas and customs

Travellers don’t go through a formal immigration process when they arrive at Ibadan Airport, since the journey from Abuja is a domestic one. Foreigners, though, should always have their travel documents at hand. Nigerians will need an identity card or a passport.

Baggage allowance


Generally, airlines allow passengers to take three bags – one checked bag, and two hand luggage items. With regards to hand luggage, passengers are permitted to carry a handbag that can be stowed underneath the seat in front of them, as well as a second bag (around 7kg) to be placed overhead. The checked bag allowance is usually between 30kg to 45kg. However, these amounts do vary. Cheap Nigeria Travel will let you know the exact allowance once your flight is booked.

Main attractions

Ibadan may appear bland if you’re coming from another Nigerian city but if you look a little closer, there are some interesting places to visit.

University of Ibadanuniversity-of ibadan

The University of Ibadan was established in 1948 as Nigeria’s first university. Today, it continues to educate thousands of Nigerian students annually. For a visitor, the university is aesthetically pleasing: modern, yet green. The department of zoology is worth a visit as it houses a zoo.

Nigerian Television Authority

This is where television began for Africa, all the way back in 1959. Today the institution houses a small museum.

Irefin Palace


Irefin Palace is over 200 years old and shows its age today. But it still preserves some beautiful features and rich stories. The palace is a low-hanging building of mud and timber that’s been the home of the Irefin royal family since the building’s foundation. On display are some intriguing ancient diaries, as well as traditionally-important rooms such as the Judgement Room, where justice was delivered by the chiefs.

Agodi Gardens and Leisure Park


These verdant gardens were created in 1967 and rebuilt in 2012 after devastating floods. It’s a good place to spend a relaxing few hours, strolling from the waterpark to the small zoo. In between there’s a lake,  restaurant and plenty of sublime picnic spots.

Mapo Hall


The first town hall in Ibadan, Mapo Hall is worth a quick visit. The grand building was built in 1929 and is situated on top of Mapo Hill. The hill is a historically rich site, used by the indigenous people as a strategic fortress.

Health and safety


To stay on the safe side in Nigeria, make sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccines against polio, cholera, hepatitis A and yellow fever are some of those experts suggest.

Travellers are generally advised to avoid non-essential travel to Nigeria, since the country has recently been struggling with terrorist threats. However, these threats tend to be in the north of the country, while Ibadan is in the safer south.

You’re more likely to get into trouble with reckless driving, bribery or photographing government buildings.

Cost of living


Your flight’s not the only thing you’ll get cheap: life is not expensive in Ibadan. This is definitely a destination for the budget traveller.

A sample of costs:

●     Basic meal: 2148 NGN = 5,92 USD

●     McMeal at McDonald’s: 2183 NGN = 6 USD

●     1km taxi ride:  300 NGN = 0,83 USD

●     1 night in a double room, budget hotel: from 5713,68 NGN =15,77 USD

Getting around


Taxis are all over Ibadan and are the most convenient method of transportation. Remember, though, to negotiate the fare in advance!

Ibadan also has a public transport network that centres around its white and blue buses and motorcycles. There’s no problem when it comes to getting around Ibadan.



As a sprawling metropolis that conceals an interesting past, Ibadan has mastered the connection between past and present. It’s a bustling city that’s always on the edge of the latest breakthrough – whether that’s in zoology, media or anything in between.

On the other hand, Ibadan also provides visitors with the opportunity to kick back and relax in some of Nigeria’s most beautiful green spaces. To enjoy this amazing city, book your cheap flight from Abuja to Ibadan now!

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