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Friendly Enugu is a charming city full of greenery and history. Just one hour away from Abuja, you can escape into the tropical jungle on the city’s many hills or dive into Igbo culture at one of the many festivals or markets. Book your ticket now to experience this stunning, welcoming city!

About Enugu

“Enugu, the Coal City” says a lot about this city in southern Nigeria: ‘Enugu’ means ‘hill top’ in Igbo and the discovery of coal led to the city’s expansion. But Enugu is more than that: it’s one of Nollywood’s favourite film locations and a gateway to beautiful natural phenomena.

Enugu was once the capital of the Biafran Republic, a short-lived secessionist state founded in the 1960s by the Igbo people. Although Enugu is still considered the ‘Capital of Igboland’ today and Igbo is the primary language, most people on the street are comfortable with English.


Flights to Enugu


Best time to fly to Enugu

Tropical Enugu is blisteringly hot most days of the year so most tourists prefer to visit between June and September when the temperatures are cooler but the skies still clear. The New Yam Festival (celebrating the harvest of the yams, a staple food for the Igbo) takes place around August, while November is host to the Mmanwu Festival which features a masquerade carnival held in the stadium.

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Enugu, go during the off-peak season. This ranges from October to January when the weather is much colder and it rains frequently. May and August are also affordable times to visit the city but the combination of heat and rainfall is very restrictive.

It’s always a good idea to book your flights well ahead of time in order to secure the best deals.

Enugu Airport


Akanu Ibiam International Airport (ENU) is Enugu’s airport. It’s regularly under construction and has recently been under a cloud due to concerns over the quality of its runways. Fortunately, the Nigerian government has called in international experts to help improve the airport.

Enugu’s Airport is located just 5 minutes from the city centre. Most hotels will provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. Buses and taxis are also options.

Airlines flying to Enugu

ArikAir and Air Peace both make the one hour journey from Abuja to Enugu.

Visas and customs

Since Enugu is a local destination for flights originating in Abuja, there’s no need for passengers to pass through immigration. It is always essential, however, that foreigners have their travel documents on them. Nigerians will need their passports or identity cards.

Baggage Policy

Once you’ve booked your flight from Abuja to Enugu, we’ll let you know about your baggage allowance. Although this varies from one airline to another, it is standard practice to allow a handbag that fits under the seat in front of you, hand luggage of 7kg and checked luggage of between 30kg and 45kg.

It is important to stick to these limits as penalties are often enforced if baggage exceeds the limit. If you have any special equipment that needs to be transported with you, please let us know.

Main attractions


Enugu offers tourists an abundance of beautiful attractions to visit. From exploring the fascinating, divisive past to navigating the tropical landscape, this is one city you cannot miss!

National Museum of Unity

To understand Enugu’s past and the challenges of Nigeria’s ethnic diversity, the National Museum of Unity is a must. It houses relics from precolonial times but the main attraction is the exhibition on the Biafran War and the Biafran Republic.

Experience Igbo Culture


As the ‘Capital of Igboland’, you can’t miss out on experiencing Igbo culture. Try to learn a few Igbo words and you’ll win smiles, for sure! The best way to get to know the Igbo people, however, is to attend one of their traditional festivals.

There are also many traditional markets in Enugu. A particularly interesting experience is the night market which many rural Igbo believe are attended by their deceased relatives.

Hills of Enugu

No visit to Enugu would be complete without a walk along the lush hills that give the city its name. Silicon Hill, 300 metres above sea level, offers spectacular views. Another favourite is Milken Hills. Exhausted from Silicon Hill? Don’t worry, you can take in Milken Hills’ stunning vegetation and great views by car. As an added bonus, New Market, Enugu’s biggest market is just at the end of the drive!

Ezeagu Tourist Complex


Don’t be put off by this attraction’s cheesy name: it’s actually a stunning, tranquil area of natural beauty. Enugu’s famously verdant and tropical plants conceal small streams and gushing waterfalls, as well as an awe-inspiring cave that’s thought to be anywhere from 3 to 5 kilometres deep!

Health and safety


Nigeria seldom scores good marks for safety from foreign governments who generally advise against travel to Nigeria. Northern Nigeria is most volatile; Enugu is in the south and as an urban centre, has good security measures in place.

Remember that it is illegal to photograph government buildings in Nigeria.

Vaccinations against yellow fever, polio, cholera and hepatitis A are essential precautions for a visit to Nigeria.

Cost of living


Fortunately, Enugu is one of the cheaper cities in Nigeria. Good quality double rooms in the heart of the city can be had for under 10 000 NGN!

A sample of costs:

  • Cheap meal: 500 NGN = 1,38 USD
  • McMeal at McDonald’s: 1650 NGN = 4,56 USD
  • 1km taxi ride: 100 NGN = 0,27 USD
  • 1 night in a double room, budget hotel: 8858,71 NGN = 24,30 USD

Getting around


There’s no hassle when it comes to getting around laid-back Enugu. Most tourists feel comfortable taking public buses, although they can be crowded. Taxis are easily available, though remember to negotiate the fare in advance. Registered taxis are painted yellow.

Enugu is considered to be one of the friendliest places in Nigeria and as almost everyone speaks English, you’ll receive lots of directions and pointers if you ask.



If you want to experience Nigeria at a local level, away from global influences, then Enugu is the ideal destination for you! It may have a troubled past but this is a city full of smiles and thoughtfulness. Despite its grand colonial history and proud independence spirit, Enugu remains as down-to-earth as it is close to nature. Luckily, Cheap Nigeria Travel has just the cheap flight from Abuja to Enugu to keep you smiling!

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