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Asaba’s a relaxed, vibrant city that’s always on the edge of exciting things. Although many of its landmarks date from its colonial era, there is a more modern and a more Nigerian side to Asaba.

The city is located in the traditional heartland of the Igbo people, one of the predominant ethnicities in Nigeria. It’s also a state capital with a growing business industry. Because it’s right on the banks of the Niger River, which flows all the way from Guinea, there’s a real sense of adventure in Asaba- as well as tasty seafood and sandy beaches! Hop right onto that cheap flight from Abuja to Asaba!

About Asaba

Nollywood location, border town, state capital and oil centre…these are just some of Asaba’s many faces. The city is located in the southern state of Delta, on top of a hill beside the Niger River. It was founded during the colonial period and was a major trade centre between Nigeria and Britain. Today’s Asaba is increasingly sophisticated and a relaxed destination for visitors.

Igbo is the main language in Asaba.

Flights to Asaba


The flight from Abuja to Asaba is just one hour and 10 minutes.

Best time to fly to Asaba

Asaba’s high season runs from December to January. The weather is warm and the skies are clear but prices are also high. To score some amazing bargains, avoid high season.

Book your flight to Asaba in advance to secure the most affordable fares.

Asaba airport

Asaba International Airport (ABB) is a sleek, contemporary building. Despite its name, the airport actually only accommodates domestic flights. It also only operates during daylight hours, causing some planes to return to their point of origin if they arrive at Asaba late. Because of this, we advise you to find flights that are expected to land in Asaba earlier in the day so that there is some leeway if your plane is delayed.

Although the airport’s design wins applause, its facilities do not. There are a small number of shops and cafes in the area and only short-term parking is available. Fortunately, there are hotels close to the airport if you have an early flight.

Asaba’s airport is about 25 minutes from the city centre. Taxis, the favourite method of transport, are readily available outside the building.


ArikAir flies from Abuja to Asaba regularly. Air Peace and Overland Airways also make this journey. Cheap Nigeria Travel will help you find the best airline for your flight.

Visas and customs

Asaba is a local destination so there isn’t a formal immigration process upon arrival. However, foreign travellers should keep all their travel documents on them. Nigerians will be required to produce either their identity cards or passports.

Baggage allowance


There are very few travellers who can claim never to have had overweight suitcases. Baggage allowances have really become a bone of contention between passengers and airlines (who do penalize passengers for exceeding their limit) so pack wisely!

You’re generally allowed a handbag, hand luggage of 7kg and checked baggage of between 30kg and 45kg.  You’ll be informed of your unique allowance when you book your flight on Cheap Nigeria Travel. Should you have any special equipment or very fragile items that you would like to check into the hold, let us know and we will gladly assist.

Main attractions


Asaba’s just bursting with fun and interesting places to visit. Our favourite five are as follows:

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

One of Asaba’s oldest buildings, St Joseph’s is over 100 years old. It is testament to the hard work the French missionaries had as they tried to spread their faith in the region.The church hosts multiple masses every week.

Monuments and myths

Asaba’s full of metal monuments to the heroes and heroines of its past. Some of these statues tell very interesting stories.

One such myth is that of Nnebisi, his daughter Ojife and his granddaughter. Nnebisi, the secret son of a king, set out to find his true hometown. He used a canoe to cross the Niger River and carried a pot on his head. He was told that when the pot fell, he would know he had come home. The pot fell in Asaba and today Nnebisi is commemorated by the city’s main road, Nnebisi Road.

Things worked out well enough for Nnebisi: he had a daughter, Princess Ojife. During the period of the slave trade, Asaba suffered. To end slavery, the princess was told by the gods to sacrifice her only daughter. Ojife did. Not only was slavery ended but the once dirty water of Asaba suddenly became clean. Princess Ojife is now honoured by a statue and fountain on the road named after her father.

Niger Bridge


It’s not surprising that a riverside city toots a bridge as one of its attractions. Asaba, though, does have much to be proud of. The  sleek modern construction links Asaba to its sister city, Onitsha, on the other bank. The Niger Bridge was built in 1965, destroyed a few years later in the civil war and then repaired a few years later.

Otuogu Beach

Sometimes called Asaba Beach, Otuogu Beach is a lovely, vast beach to relax on. There are watersports on offer but the main attractions are the river and the local seafood at sunset.

Mungo Park House

Mungo Park was the first Westerner to discover the source of the Niger River. For this reason, the Royal Niger Company, colonial British traders, decided to name their headquarters after him in 1886. The house essentially became the administrative seat for the colonial Southern Nigeria government. Mungo Park House is host to a number of relics and exhibitions.

Health and safety


There’s a small list of vaccinations travellers should have before entering Nigeria. Hepatitis A, cholera, yellow fever and polio are the most important ones.

If foreign governments could have their way, no-one would visit Nigeria for tourism. Nigeria is considered a volatile state and travellers are regularly warned off visiting. Travellers to Delta State, of which Asaba is capital, are considered particularly at risk of kidnapping. Cheap Nigeria Travel recommends that you research the period you plan to visit and follow commonplace safety tips.

Cost of living


Asaba’s hidden gems come in at amazing prices! The famed local seafood and the city centre are both in reach of 5000 NGN!

A sample of costs:

●     Cheap meal: 350 NGN = 0,96 USD

●     McMeal at McDonald’s: 2500 NGN = 6,85 USD

●     1km taxi ride: 300 NGN = 0,82 USD

●     1 night in a double room, budget hotel: from 3612,39 NGN =9,89 USD

Getting around


Taxis remain the most convenient and popular way of getting around Asaba, although many Nigerians will hire a private car and driver for the duration of their stay. The taxis are easily found all over the streets but for a private car, ask your hotel.

There are public buses in Asaba which are quite cheap. Another alternative is to hire a bike which is affordable and very popular with locals.



For a city that’s home to Nollywood, oil and a rich trading past, Asaba is surprising modest about its attractions. It’s not a top pick with visitors but those who do visit the port city find a charming, easygoing place that never loses its taste for adventure. We, too, share that same spirit of adventure and have discovered all the best deals for a cheap flight from Abuja to Asaba. Book your ticket, pack your bag and let’s go to Asaba!

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